Associação Nacional de Jovens para a Acção Familiar



Awards and Prizes 


Recognition for Good Practices in Welcoming and Integrating Immigrants in Portugal

ANJAF was recognized by IOM (International Organization for Migration), ACIDI (High Commission for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue) and FLAD (Luso-American Foundation for Development) for its work in the areas of Teaching, Professional Training and Employment, contributing to a better integration of immigrants into Portuguese society. These organizations are the promoters of the initiative Mapping Good Practices for Welcoming and Integrating Immigrants in Portugal.



Equality in Diversity Regional Prize

In November 2007 ANJAF was awarded, through its Citizen Support Office at the Southern Delegation, with the Equality in Diversity award. 

This award intends to honour civil society organizations (non-profit private companies, associations …) and corporations that acted for the promotion and the enforcement of good practices - the principle of equality and non-discrimination – regarding gender, race or ethnic origin, religion or creed, disability, age or sexual orientation.

The Regional Award Equality in Diversity is an action promoted by EMAEIOT, (the Mission Structure for the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All). The awarded entities were chosen by their own Civil Governors and Regional Government that assessed the applications based on pre-defined criteria, according to the Award’s Regulation. The criteria used were: Relevance, Pertinence, Innovation and Impact of the promoted activities that applied the principle of Equality and Non-Discrimination, giving preference to the applications that gathered the following: integration of the gender equality perspective (gender mainstreaming); participation/involvement of more than one organization (partnerships); inclusion of goals/central messages on the matter of rights, representation, recognition and respect; approach of more than one motive for discrimination (multiple discrimination); and promotion of the balanced treatment of all the motives for discrimination.

  In the scope of this contest, National Prizes will still be awarded, on both categories, chosen by EMAEIOT among the winners of the District and Regional levels.